Best Coffee in Padstow

Coffee is our passion

We invest heavily in training our staff in the art of making coffee. It is so easy to get wrong but with our rigorous training and up to date technology and equipment we are able to provide you with what we believe is the best coffee in Padstow.

The Geeky bit!

There are a number of parameters that effect the quality of the coffee and for those of you who are interested below we have tried to explain why we believe we serve the best coffee in Padstow.

The Coffee

There are a huge amount of different coffee companies and different coffees offer differing strengths and tastes.  We have selected a coffee in blind tasting from some of the best coffees out there which included Illy and Musetti.  Caffe Carraro Italy’s premium brand came out on top for all of us that participated in the tasting.  It is as soft and smooth as an espresso and once made into many of the common drinks found today it is unbelievably moreish.

Our Machine

We have a state of the art coffee machine made in Italy by La Spaziale.  Different coffee extracts its premium espresso at different temperatures.  This machine allows us to set the temperature to +-0.5 degrees so the coffee grounds are never exposed to excess heat.  Excess heat will burn the coffee and make for a bitter taste. It also allows us to set the amount of time the coffee is in contact with the hot water thus only allowing 30ml of espresso to be produced at any one time.

Grinder and Tamper

Along with our machine we have also invested in two other vital pieces of equipment, an electronic dosing grinder and a coffee tamper.  The dosing grinder allows only a set amount of coffee at a set coarseness to be ground.  A too fine a grind will not allow coffee to extract with the flow of water, a too course a grind will allow water to pass through the coffee too quickly thus not allowing the true flavor of the coffee to be extracted.  Once the correct grind is set then the tamper allows the correct amount of pressure to be applied to the ground.  Too much pressure and the coffee will again not extract quick enough and burn the coffee, too light a tamp and the coffee will not extract properly as water will pass through too quickly.