Childrens Menu

This menu is a sample only to give a guide as to what we offer your little ones.  It is important to us that the little customer is just as important as the larger.  We try and be as flexable as posssible with your little ones and as everything is cooked and prepared fresh, we can, within reason, offer smaller portions of the main adult meals or variations there of.  Just ask and we will see what we can do!


Local sausage £5.50
Potatoes/chips – veg – gravy

Chicken supreme £6.00
Potatoes/chips – veg – gravy

Pan-fried fish £6.00
Potatoes/chips – veg

Padstow mussels £6.50 (when available)
Garlic – thyme – cider – cream

Soup of the day £3.50
Chough bread


Plain with butter £3.50
Cheese and parsley sauce £4.50
Pesto £4.50