Best Coffee in Padstow

We understand that for some, your first coffee can set the precedence for the rest of the day. That is why our team are trained in the art of coffee making and have full knowledge of what makes the perfect cup.

To choose the ideal coffee, we decided to rope members of our team into a blind tasting. For all of us, Caffe Carraro, Italy’s premium brand, came out on top. It is soft, smooth and tastes incredible, even as an espresso!

The best coffees are carefully curated all the way from bean to cup. Our state of the art coffee machine is made in Italy by world-famous La Spaziale. This machine allows us to select the temperature, time and quantity of water specific to the coffee that we use, therefore producing the perfect coffee.

Pop in and enjoy the best coffee in Padstow, whether it’s to drink in whilst overlooking the harbour or take away to accompany you on your dog walk.