Dogs in Padstow and The Basement

Padstow is becoming a little hotspot for our four legged friends and quite rightly so with so many amazing walks in the area.  We now have a dedicated doggie shop and in general the town is welcoming of man’s best friend.

This increase though has its problems.  With little shops and small spaces the dog policy for many is a simple no dogs.  With the increase in dogs in the area we have become increasingly popular with owners as we have always welcomed them in our outside area.  Unfortunately because we are one of the only places that loves your little friends we have been over run at times which is causing problems.  We have had to take the regrettable decision that dogs will no longer be allowed inside or outside during the evenings.  This decision has not been taken likely and we have consulted with a dog behaviour expert who has suggested that to many dogs in one space is not good for the dogs themselves.  Your own dog may be the gentlest in the world but when confronted with 10 other in a small area can result in anything from over excitement to full on dog fights (which we have had). We appreciate all customers but we had to make a decision and the fairest was to not allow them after 6pm.

As all other times of the day are a little more casual we will continue at present to allow dogs of reasonable size that are kept on the floor during all other times of the day but we do reserve the right to cap the numbers if we feel there are too many already inside our outside area. The day time will be monitored closely and at any point we reserve the right to ask owners to keep dogs outside and we ask that you respect our decision.

We do hope this information is taken in the way we intend we really do love dogs and have, as a family, had dogs all our lives. If you would like to discuss bringing your dog to us please give us a call.

Warmest regards

David Flide and The Basement team