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Feb 13th

Making Of The Perfect Marmitako Stew

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Many people ask how we make such a tasty Marmitako Stew.  Here’s the recipie!

150ml Olive oil
2 Large Onions sliced
1 Red chilli finely sliced
6 Bay Leaves
8 Cloves Garlic diced
Pinch of Saffron
1 kg new potatoes halved
200ml white wine
700ml fish Stock (use what ever stock suits the dish you are using it for)
1 tin canalini beans
1 ladle of chopped tomatoes
3 table spoons fresh chopped parsley

Very gently fry onions, chilli, garlic, bayleaves and saffron in the olive oil unitl onions are very soft but not brown. (around 15mins)
Now add all the other ingredients apart from the cananlini beans and simmer until the potatoes are done.
Add the canalini beans and parsley. Season with salt and pepper.