Padstow May Day

Padstow May Day (1st May 2019)

History of May Day in Padstow

The true origin of May Day has been lost in time, some say its roots are in pagan times, a fertility symbol, a welcome to summer, others a deterrent to a possible landing by the French some centuries ago.

The people of Padstow dress in white and follow either the ‘blue ribbon’ oss, also known as the ‘peace oss’ or the ‘old’ oss, also known as the ‘red oss’.

The different osses are lead through the streets of Padstow by a Master of Ceremonies, accompanied by singers, dancers and a band of drums, accordions and melodeons.

The oss is carried by different men and dances accompanied by a teaser.  Above is Dave in the Blue Ribbon Oss being teased by Emma-Kate. When not in the oss or teasing Em and Dave play the melodian and drum in the band.

For locals May Day is a day to celebrate with family and friends, continue the traditions of our ancestors and remember those who loved it. Our children are born with the drum beat in their hearts and Padstonians return to their roots from all over the world.

Every year there are thousands of people that visit Padstow to watch the celebrations and enjoy the festivities.