Plastic free

We like many have already made considerable steps in reducing the amount of plastic we use within the business.  We are not going to save the world on our own but feel these 5 steps will show our willing for such a vital cause. We do have stock left of some coffee cups and straws so apologies if you get one of these when they are gone the full switch over will happen.

Keep cup seem to have taken the market with their range of re-useable coffee cups.  We have designed our own and have them on sale at the counter in two sizes.  You will receive 5 free coffees when you purchase a cup which will cover the cost of the cup.  You will then get a further 25p off all hot drinks when using this cup OR any other re-useable cup.

We have sourced straws that quickly bio-degrade and have signed up to ‘the last straw’ campaign
Come fill up with us.  We have installed an outside tap for anyone to refill their water bottles and are listed on the ‘re-fill’ website.
Although it is out of our hands we have been actively suggesting that our produce is delivered in re-useable boxes and/or containers as well as produce being packed loose and not in plastic bags.  Some suppliers have been very good and the majority of boxes are now re-useable and/or recycled.
Combustible takeaway coffee cups have been something we have used for a while and we will continue with the same cups.