Sample Take-away Menu

Our menus have changed in order for us to adapt to staffing levels and guidance from the goverment.  We have had no choice but to strip back to a more basic offering focusing on easy simple cooking with the freshest of ingredients. Please see our COVID page…

The menus have been designed to allow for take-out as well as dine in.  The majority of menu items are available for you to enjoy off the premises sat aroudn the wonderful harbour or taken back to your home with your friends and loved ones dining on the freshest of fish and locally sourced produce.

This menu is served at lunch and dinner




Saute leeks, saffron, cream and finished with dill



Curry leaf, coconut cream and cumin fished with coriander



Cornish cider with shallot, garlic, thyme and cream



Sharps Atlantic pale ale with pancetta, cream and chives



Saute spanish chorizo, black olive, tomato finished with oregano



Roasted tomato, red pepper and smokey chipotle fished with parsley

All served with fries or bread

Fish, Lobster and Crab

Day Boat Burger


Butter enriched bun with pan seared Cornish Hake on smashed peas topped with our curried tartar, gem and served with fries

Padstow Crab


Hand picked white meat tossed though linguine pasta and flavored with garlic, ginger, chilli and lemon. Fished with dill

Fish Cakes


Mussel and hake cakes with wakame, spinach, samphire and a thai
dressing. Served with skinny fries

Reggies fish 'Mollie'


A rich coconut Curry from South India. Light Spice with Subtle Heat Served with Saffron Rice and Charred Flat Bread
Meat and Veg

Brisket of beef


Brined 48hr slow brased brisket with corn on the cob, carrot and herb slaw, a zingy chimichurri sauce and fries

Mushroom risotto balls


Our own balls served with truffled mushroom ketchup, topped with Cornish seaweed salt parmesan and served with skinny fries

Dirty Burger


Butter enriched bun with a prime cut beef patty, 48hr braised brisket, softend cornish yarg, sliced pickles, gem and our stunning smokey chipotle sauce served with skinny fries

Mixed bean burger


Butter enriched bun with a 5 bean patty, avocado, 12 hr confit tomato, softened Cornish yarg and our stunning smokey chopotle mayo served with skinny fries

Allergens & Dietary Requirements

At The Basement, we proudly cater for everyone. Whether you’re gluten or dairy free, vegan or vegetarian, you’ll find something that tickles your fancy and tantalises your tastebuds on our locally sourced, carefully curated menu.

We not only offer a selection of specially designed dishes to work around dietary requirements, but can also modify existing dishes – feel free to have a chat with a member of our knowledgable team to see what we can do for you.

Dairy free doesn’t stop at dinner – all our coffees and hot chocolates can be made with a variety of dairy alternatives, from soy to oat milk. Just ask to find out what we’ve got in the fridge.

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